Monday, February 27, 2012

The queens chamber wall set for TS2

Hi guys! So today i got an idea, i was just reading about history as a normally do then i thought you know i cant say i have ever seen the queens chamber wall made for TS2 (here is a picture)   
So i got creative and made it myself :p here are pictures of my sim version 

I tried to find proper images of it, but there really isnt any so this is as close as i got. I hope you like it! Also a big thanks to simnuts101 for making some of the molding textures. 

And to my sims 3 followers yes i will be converting this to TS3 i have started on it already ;) 



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Large 18th Century Painting's Set 1 For TS2

                   Hi Everyone, today i bring you my "Large 18th Century Painting's Set 1  For TS2"

You can now fully customize any palace or chateau you plan on building with these paintings, for there are a total of 310 paintings all dating form the 18th century. In-order for these paintings to work you will need to get the mesh here or here made by the wonderful Julsfels.

They require nothing but TS2 base game. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Large 17th Century Paintings Set 1 For TS2

Hi simmers today i bring you my Large 17th Century Painting Set 1 For TS2

The mesh was made by Julsfels You will need to get the mesh here or here in-order for these paintings to work. I also recommend picking up some of her other paintings and frame textures at her site :)
There are a total of 100 paintings in all. All dating from the 17th century.

They require nothing but TS2 base game. 


Monday, February 13, 2012

Small 18th Century Rococo Portraits Set 1 & 2 For TS3

To day i bring you my Small 18th Century Rococo Portraits Set 1 & 2  For TS3

I just love the 18th century, the hair clothing everything its just amazing :D

The best way in my opinion to see the past is with art. So here is a little blast from the past to spice up your game.

This Requires Nothing But TS3 Base Game

This is a new Mesh.